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Ofo: launch NFC intelligent lock to achieve "a touch namely the lock"

On August 22, announced ofo: support NFC near field payment function of the new intelligent lock has completed research and development began to mass production, October, and plans to gradually to the market. As the world's first support NFC near field payment function of intelligent locks, users can support the function of intelligent hardware "seconds" yellow car.
At present, with the function of NFC near field pay ofo: smart lock has completed research and development and testing, and has formally entered the stage of mass production, is expected to be marketed in October this year. Ofo: time, user unlock yellow car of gm on market at present is not only the way the qr code, adding new NFC near field pay the lock function.
Ofo: will become the world's first support NFC near field payment functions Shared cycling platform, users can pay by supporting NFC near field function of millet mobile phone intelligent hardware implementation "near the lock" unlock new experience.
Beijing subway system has just announced on August 14, to fully support mobile NFC near field pay, after shenzhen, guiyang, chengdu and other places of public transportation are foreign said upcoming support mobile NFC near field. Around one industry source said that the action of the bus system to accelerate the popularization of mobile NFC near field pay.
NFC is Near Field Communication, namely from close range wireless Communication technology, is a kind of short of high frequency wireless Communication technology, to allow electronic equipment for non-contact point-to-point data transmission between the exchange of data. Is mainly used in mobile phones and other handheld devices provide M2M (Machine to Machine communication.
Ofo: co-founder, said Xue Ding ofo: hope to upgrade technology of improving the user experience, NFC near field payment functions, will make the general ofo: users with newer, more convenient way to unlock the yellow car.


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