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The Solution of Automatic Restart of Intelligent Cashier

Now the Internet + era, go out consumption, a mobile phone, WeChat, Alipay, scan code can be paid, only shops need to use smart cash registers. But if the automatic restart system of the intelligent cash register occurs frequently, it will affect the operation of the store very much. What causes the automatic restart of the intelligent cash register?

1. Software incompatibility

If the incompatibility of software or driver leads to the automatic restart of intelligent cash register, further investigation is needed. This fault diagnosis work must have some basic computer knowledge, and the cashier also needs to recall what changes have been made to the intelligent cash register system recently, and what new software or driver has been added recently.

2. Hardware issues

The failure of automatic restart of intelligent cash register can't be ruled out because of hardware. At this time, professional technicians are needed to detect the problem. Julong Communication Suggestion is sent back to the relevant intelligent cash register manufacturer for maintenance.

3. Trojan horse virus

Trojan horse virus can cause many strange malfunctions of intelligent cash register, and automatic restart of intelligent cash register without reason is no exception. For this reason, polygon communication editor suggests using anti-virus software to detect and kill Trojan horse virus.

What about the black screen of the smart cash register monitor?

A. Is the data line of the intelligent cash register monitor broken or deformed?

B. Whether the power and data lines of the intelligent cash register display are well connected; whether the display can be displayed properly when it is changed to another computer.

C. Is there no electricity supply? Check the power interface and power line of the intelligent cash register case, check whether the power interface and power line of the main box of the intelligent cash register are loose or not, and whether the display is open or not. If the interface and power line are damaged or broken, it should be replaced in time; confirm whether the fan of the power supply is exhausted.

D. If the intelligent cash register is working, there will be intermittent black screen, which is affected by voltage instability. When the voltage is stable, it will return to normal.

The solution to the frequent automatic restart of smart cash register is shared here. Intelligent cash register integrates mobile payment and take-out, and can manage inventory. Most of them are Android systems, which are based on cloud technology and store data in cloud servers.


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